Writing Interesting Characters: A deep dive into Creative Writing.
About The Session

Put simply, a character is a person in a story. This ‘person’ might be a child, a fairy godmother, a dog, a wizard, a teacher, a tree, a dragon, and many other strange and wonderful things. Similarly, the ‘story’ might be a novel, a short story, a play, a poem, a film, or even a song. A character has feelings, goals, flaws, strengths and weaknesses, just like people in real life do, too. If you were a character in a book, you should be as complicated as you are in real life, with a past, present and future. This workshop will take a deep dive into how meaningful characters are developed and we will create some of our own!.

About The Facilitator

Sabeen Islam leads communications at VLC and works on enriching the community experience through Flutter - VLCs Family Enrichment program. With a Masters Degree in Health Psychology, Sabeen is passionate about exploring the mind-body connection and how emotional distress manifests itself in our bodies. Being a mom of two, Sabeen believes strongly in the need for mental health and wellbeing to be a vital component in schools.

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