Moving beyond Primal Instinct: a Vagal Toning Yoga Class
About The Session

Access your secret weapon in fighting stress with Fiza for an exciting 60 minute session designed to stimulate the vagus nerve through powerful techniques combining breath, movement, and sound. The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve that runs all the way from our brain to our gut and controls all involuntary body processes such as breathing, speech, swallowing, heartbeat, blood pressure, hearing, taste, circulation, digestion and gut health. In the absence of a healthy vagus nerve, we only end up having access to parts of our brain that control primal instinct (freeze, fight, flight).

About The Facilitator

Fiza Chaudhri is a Hatha Yoga, Breath-work, Zazen and Qi Gong teacher with 8+ years of teaching experience in different communities around the world & in Pakistan. Her focus has consistently been on nervous system regulation, self empowerment and healing using breath, body, sound and stillness to create a strong steady practice. Her own personal practice spans over 20 years. She has extensive experience working with people with PTSD & mental health concerns, women in refugee camps, athletes, and business leaders.

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