Not just taste. Using all 5 senses for the food experience (for adults)
About The Session

In the fast-paced world we live in today, we need remind ourselves that food consumption is not just for survival, rather a means of fulfillment for the senses as well as the holistic wellbeing of our bodies. During this session, we will experience how tasting flavor is a multisensory experience. It bridges the gap between enjoying food and eating for nutrition and how both complement each other. By having a more mindful approach towards food - be it cooking or consuming it, I hope we can experience the overall positive benefits of our conscious actions.

About The Facilitator

Hello everyone! My name is Brendan Noronha and I am a Professional Chef, foodie, and overall culinary enthusiast. Beyond my practical life in the kitchen, I enjoy teaching culinary arts as I have a keen interest in spreading food knowledge and fostering an understanding and connection between the food we consume and how it impacts different aspects of our lives. Furthermore I enjoy travelling to discover new foods, cooking techniques, and learning about new cultures.

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