Transformational Power of Yoga
About The Session

An invitation to: • finding newness within yourself • going beyond of what you think you are capable of • love your journeying from know to the unknown Traditional yoga offers great tools that helps us become aware and enjoy the subtleties of life. Lets get introduced to these pearls of wisdom!

About The Facilitator

A corporate lawyer with seventeen years of practice, Aliya Agha took up yoga 10 years ago from a curative perspective, studying from schools in Thailand, Cambodia, India & Europe. Aliya is the Regional Director of World Yoga Federation, and she founded the first yoga education academy in Pakistan, AAAIA, recognized by regulatory bodies in the USA & India. Aliya is a Chevening scholar; a Pioneer in wellness retreats - national & international; and a columnist on wellness in the Daily Times Newspaper. She is a Cancer Survivor who specializes in Yoga for Cnacer. Aliya is based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

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