The Need for Trauma-Informed, Parent-Child Education Model in Pakistan
About The Session

Trauma can impact a child’s learning, behavior, emotions & relationships. Children & young people who have experienced trauma have little space left for learning. A constant state of tension & arousal can leave them unable to concentrate, retain & recall new information. Their behavior is often challenging in the school environment. In a Trauma-Informed, Parent-Child Education Model, children feel safe, unconditionally loved, understood & acknowledged. This model addresses students’ needs in a holistic way, teaching self-regulation, physical & emotional wellbeing, empathy & kindness.

About The Facilitator

Sabina Khatri is the founder of Kiran Foundation. She established Pakistan’s first Trauma-Informed, Mother & Child School System in Lyari in 2006. Hundreds of families who have been educated directly by her & her passionate team are now sharing awareness & importance of motherhood at grass-root levels. Kiran Foundation’s students & their parents are becoming change ambassadors for communities, advocating compassion, responsibility, care & empathy. Ms. Khatri has extensive experience working with abuse victims & wishes to train every Pakistani school to be Trauma-Informed & Parent-Inclusive.

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