The Magic in Me: Self-Image in Kids
About The Session

Self-esteem is crucial not only for adults, but for children as well - the more confident and secure they are, the more likely they will be able to tackle challenges and resist peer pressure. Self-esteem cannot be taught, but it can be strengthened. The children will come out of the session knowing what self-esteem is, and how to develop it in oneself. They will engage in activities which are going to boost their self-confidence and learn how to like themselves.

About The Facilitators

Juveriah Furrukh
Juveriah Furrukh is an Educational Psychologist, with a Certificate in Professional and Personal Development. She is a qualified teacher who is passionate about and specializes in inclusion in a classroom. With her background in Psychology, she aims to create an inclusive environment in schools.

Fatima Masood Younus
Fatima Masood Younus is an associate clinical psychologist working in the field of education as a reading interventionist. She finds joy in facilitating children in their journey to read.

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