Teens Talk!
About The Session

An opportunity for teenagers to come together and talk about mental health. We hope to create an environment where no one is judged, dismissed or told what to do. The purpose of this session is for young people to come together and strategize on how to make families, schools and the socio-cultural environment more supportive and sensitive to the stresses faced by teenagers today.

About The Facilitator

Mahenaz Mahmud
Since 1979, Mahenaz has worked with children, youth, teachers and adults, teaching, developing curricula and resources in urban and rural Pakistan. Currently, as Academic Advisor, PECHS Girls' School, one of her favorite roles is to provide a safe space for students to come and talk through their social, emotional and academic difficulties.

Fatima Haider
Fatima Haider is a Mental Health Counsellor and has been working with young and adult clients since 2017. Prior to her counselling career, Fatima worked for over a decade in the Development sector of Pakistan. Her areas of expertise and interest include child protection, sexual and reproductive health and women’s empowerment.

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