Speak Your Truth: Spoken Word Workshop
About The Session

It's a writing and performance-based workshop for teens and adults to explore the power of poetry, writing, and self-expression. We'll be working on developing various key skills through writing and theatre-based exercises, and other techniques. The workshop will lead to participants producing a piece of writing that they can continue working on beyond the workshop, and even share in the performance session the following day.

About The Facilitators

Shameneh works with Spoken Stage to help promote spoken word as a medium, conducting workshops and hosting events, helping encourage people to express themselves. Her poetry explores the idea of the body, the self, womanhood, families, and interpersonal relationships

Mariam Riaz Paracha
Mariam Riaz Paracha is the co-founder of Spoken Stage – an organization that promotes freedom of expression through art, performance, and writing in Pakistan. Spoken Stage represented Pakistan in 2016 at India’s first national poetry slam in Bangalore. Mariam recently completed her Master’s in Theatre Education from Emerson College, USA. Mariam is currently Assistant Director at Mano Animation Studios, Pakistan’s first hand drawn animation studio.

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