Soil & Soul Therapy
About The Session

Cultures across the world recognize gardens as a symbol of nurturing kindness. Gardening is a story of life, death and regeneration. But as our world continues to becomes digitized, many of us are getting away from the basics. Join Ahmed and Soheba, as they take you through an interactive session to reconnect with nature and discover the rejuvenating qualities of gardening. Learn how to reap maximum physical and emotional benefits of gardening.

About The Facilitators

Ahmed Shekhani
Introducing Ahmed Shekhani : Part of the green space since a decade. Slowly adopting to nature connected lifestyle and facilitating others in their plant growth journey. Moderator and one of the founders of Gardeners Inc, a community which is a support system for more than 100 passionate kitchen gardeners and farmers.

Soheba Mohammed
Soheba has a deep connection to the earth. Her passion for vegetable gardening developed as a child through years of helping her mother maintain their small kitchen garden. From researching soil health to tinkering with recipes to ferment and preserve her harvest, Soheba's day begins and ends in her garden.

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