Shake it to Make it (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises)
About The Session

Participants will experience Tension and Trauma Release Exercise (TRE). TRE uses the bodies natural tremor mechanism to release the stress which has been stored in the body on a muscular level. Through a series of 7 postures we engage the PSOS muscle activating a natural tremor mechanism , regulating the vagus nerve. Tension and Trauma Release Exercise is created by Dr David Berceli and is now globally used as self healing tool and bottom up trauma therapy technique with a TRE provider. This session is set with the intention of introducing the body to this natural tremor process.

About The Facilitator

Aun Ali is Clinical Supervisor and an Addiction and Trauma Therapist, Organisational Coach and the founder of Trauma Release and Wellness Centre. Pakistan first internationally affiliated Trauma Informed Organisation. He is a globally certified Tension and Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) provider. He has completed his Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Counselling Certified from CPPD Pakistan. He has also a Master NLP Coach, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTS) for Individual, Families and Addiction (I-F-A). Internationally Certified Addiction Professional (ICAP).

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