Shaadi ki kahani therapist ki zabani
About The Session

Relationships are a source of great joy and tremendous hurt for most people. I think about them and I am sure so do you. Let’s get together and reflect on what it means to be married in the SouthAsian family system. Why does the bride have to migrate into a new family? What is the transition like for men? What challenges and assets does joint family system present to a couple and vice versa? Lets begin the conversation, lets talk relationships!

About The Facilitator

Maryam Suheyl
I am a Marriage Therapist with a Masters in Marriage and Family therapy from Northwestern University. I am a Fulbrighter, clinical supervisor, corporate trainer, a teacher and a passionate speaker on Pakistani family systems.

Yusra Amjad
Yusra is a spoken word poet, writer, comedienne, and feminist activist from Lahore, Pakistan. She founded the Lahore chapter for Auratnak Movement, Pakistan's first all-female standup comedy troupe, and is also a Fulbright scholar with an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College.

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