Set your Heart Free
About The Session

Sami un nisa Nizam is an associate clinical psychologist working as the wellness lead at VLC along with having experience in therapy with adolescents and adults. Her area of interest lies in creating safety and healthy communication in relationships as well improving self awareness and self acceptance. With an optimistic approach to life, she thrives off of talking things out and coffee.

About The Facilitator

Set your heart free provides an in-depth look into the false beliefs that taint our self worth, make our communication unhealthy and lead to our relationships becoming our identity. It will guide attendees to dive into the role they play in their close relationships, consciously take control of their own happiness and set themselves free from frustration, self-doubt, and emotional dependency.
At the end, building self awareness to cultivate a more balanced and nurturing relationship with the self and better their chances of achieving, balance, peace, love, and harmony in their lives.

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