Self Mastery: How to Train your Inner Dragon
About The Session

Take a deep-dive into your wellbeing as we discover the mental and emotional blocks limiting us from being our best selves. This introspective workshop exposes the myths of motivation and discipline and how to master them by tapping into brain and soul. Suhaib Serai began as a fitness and nutrition coach; in his obsession of making clients achieve their goals, he dove deep into the world of NLP, CBT, hypnotism, neurobiology and spirituality to crack the code of self mastery through holistic wellness. Tools: Self Mastery Worksheet 'Neti Neti' Meditation Emotional Freedom Tapping

About The Facilitator

Suhaib Serai is an internationally certified Philipino-Pakistani transformation coach who has coached hundreds of people battling weight and fitness issues. Working with people from all walks of life, Suhaib discovered that there are patterns making people quit their fitness goals, which, cascades across other areas of their personal lives. To empower his clients to achieve true change, he educated himself in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Suhaib now teaches people how to build the body they want and the life they desire with powerful self mastery techniques.

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