Secret of Health & Happiness (LIFEFULLNESS)
About The Session

The secret of health and happiness is to be in the flow or in the present moment. Our desires either physical, emotional or spiritual are the obstacles in the way. Being the observer or to be witnessed is the solution to identification. What is being observed and what is detachment? How can it desolve the obstacle? How to practice your breath and awareness by ancient techniques of Sufism, Qi Gong, taichi and yoga. This hour-long workshop will enhance your awareness exponentially, an important learning that is indeed an unlearning.

About The Facilitator

Asif Ali Azad is a Spiritual Guide, Teacher, Reformer and Philanthropist. The sessions conducted by Mr. Azad are based on sufism, meditation, yoga, tai chi, Qigong and breath that develops the key skill set of handling our self in difficult situations in life. Mr Azad works includes, training people of all ages in the art of self-awareness, self-development and LIFEFULLNESS. Dr Rabab is a health professional. Art of self awareness, meditation and contemplation are expertise.

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