Rest & Restore with Tibetan Bowls Sound Healing (high vibrational experience of expansion and wholeness)
About The Session

Tibetan bowls have been used since ancient times to invoke sacred spaces for meditation, healing and spiritual rituals. In this sound healing session, you will enter a deep meditative state induced by therapeutic tones of the bowls. Time and space diminishes as you relax and experience deep peace and stillness within. With the expansion of consciousness, you mind, body, emotions and spirit heals effortlessly. This session incorporates mindful movement, meditation and sound bath. Everyone (12+) is welcome to join this session.

About The Facilitator

Mehla Sarki, a free-spirit, dreamer, moon-gazer; serving as a certified sound healing and yoga practitioner. She has been facilitating wellness sessions for individuals, groups and organisations as well as leading wellness retreats since 2019. Mehla believes in the power of sound and conscious movement of body and breath to shape the physical as well as mental realities and beyond. Her work combines a multitude of modalities including sound healing, mindful movement, breath-work and song, aiming to cultivate profound, high vibrational experiences of expansion and wholeness for all beings.

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