Renewing Connections between adolescents & parents/caregivers
About The Session

Adolescence can be a challenging time for both the developing children and caregivers. This interactive workshop aims to develop further understanding between adolescents and their caregivers.Through interactive group work and honest reflection, the challenges and opportunities in growing together will be explored. The focus will be on cultivating mindful attitudes along with receiving factual information about adolescence and holistic health.Farah Millwala has developed the Puberty & Responsible Behaviours curriculum for Aahung and the Design For Change, Pakistan workshop and curriculum for teachers on Social Action For Change.

About The Facilitator

Farah Millwala@loop.mindfulness has over a decades experience in developing and conducting workshops on health, rights and positive transformation. She has worked in the health and education sectors as a trainer. Loop.mindfulness was founded by Farah with the aim to integrate mindfulness attitudes and practices in daily living via fun and interactive workshops and wellness circles. Farah is a certified Mindfulness Facilitator and believes that Mindfulness is a pathway towards greater peace and contentment.

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