Power of Kindness
About The Session

We will be reading the book ‘Have you filled a bucket’. It’s a story about how we all carry an invisible bucket. When we’re kind to others we fill their bucket and our own! Learning Outcomes Kindness and Compassion Coordination and Flexibility - We will play the game Toe-ga where the kids will fill their buckets with pompoms by using only their toes. Creativity and Imagination - The kids will decorate their buckets and fill them up with material of their choice. Confidence - The kids will participate in a public speaking activity and will talk about how they can fill everyone's bucket.

About The Facilitator

Shazray Malik is a certified Mindfulness and Meditation through the University of Berkley and has studied Childhood Studies from the University of Bristol. She has brought mindfulness practices to several schools in Karachi. She has taught children from over 20 different countries Social and Emotional Learning skills at Mindvalley University. She currently conducts Character & Confidence Building class for 4 to 7 years olds. The goal of her classes is to help kids become happier, kinder, confident and more resilient.

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