Parenthood - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
About The Session

New parents will often time get asked ‘how is parenthood?’ If only there was a clear, simple answer to that question. Parenthood is anything but clear and simple – it is complicated, conflicting, an emotional marathon we are sprinting, and both wonderful and terrible at the same time. This session is for parents and parents-to-be to be able to explore the plethora of feelings that come with becoming a parent (the good, the bad and the ugly) through art and honest conversation.

About The Facilitators

Zehra Moinuddin
Zehra Moinuddin is an accredited therapist and has been running a private practice since 2015.She is passionate about the therapeutic potential power of play and the arts and believes that the purpose of therapy is to help a person move towards wholeness, not perfection. She has extensive experience working with adolescents and adults struggling with anxiety, addiction, depression, self-esteem issues, shame, grief, trauma, marriage problems, relationship concerns, gender, sexuality, and abuse.

Marium Kamal
Marium Kamal is an artist, feminist and entrepreneur. A couple of years ago, she quit a series of very demanding boring jobs and decided to become a full time artist. Her work is inspired by what women go through everyday. Her passion is creating through mediums of art in hopes for a progressive society that which is safe and equal for all genders

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