Not-so-board games
About The Session

If you think board games are boring and the only ones you have ever played are Ludo, Monopoly, Snakes & Ladders as a kid, then let us share with you our world of board games! Board games are a wonderful way of sharing laughter and fun which in turns promotes empathy, trust and compassion with others. During this session, we will introduce you to some starter games to entice you into the world of board gaming. The session will be running throughout the timings listed, you can join in as new games begin.

About The Facilitator

Naila and Zoha are a mother-daughter duo who love playing board games. Their family board game collection has over 100 games. Naila likes games that require strategy or deduction and doesn’t mind losing as long as she can play with you. Her favorite games include Azul, Splendor, Copenhagen, Wingspan, Point Salad, Backgammon. Zoha loves to play party games with her friends as well as strategy games that don’t require hours to play. Her current favorite games are Flux, Port Royal, Takenoko, Scout. Zoha also has a reputation of turning any dull situation into a game at the drop of a hat.

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