Names as Compasses - A Freedom Dreaming workshop
About The Session

What if your name was not an individual but a compass? In this workshop, we investigate through memory our association with each part of our personal names—given, chosen or both—following the trajectory of change in their meanings as our relationship to them changes. I invite you to a ceremony of remembering to relearn the significance of our names, turn to them to find our way forward at this moment, and meet ourselves kindly. May it serve you as an entry to explore your identity in its multifaceted, dynamic nature, gently nudging you toward the source of wisdom for your next step: تو/you.

About The Facilitator

Asad Ali Zulfiqar is an artist seeking to elevate the mundane and explore compassionate, playful ways of looking at times in their art practice. They turn to core Black feminist, Sufi and Shia praxes of remembering to inform their methods of inquiry into how oppressive regimes like capitalism, carceral logic, ableism and other modes of life that seek erasure, denial and devastation of others and the environment have taken root in us, by tracing our own participation, experiences, desires, narratives and meaning-making. They hold a BA in Communication Studies and Design from Habib University.

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