MUD MATTERS- an imaginal journey through the creative cycle using clay
About The Session

Mud is where life on earth first appeared. In this imaginal journey we will use the artistic process using clay as a medium to explore artistically where we came from and where we are going- a full circle off creation. There are no questions to be answered- just the pleasure of an embodies art-experience and the countless possibilities that open to us through play. No artistic skills required- just a desire to sense, perceive, emote, explore and share

About The Facilitator

As a relational artist/researcher, my work is essentially process-oriented. This implies, that while artistic outputs are validated and celebrated, the focus of the work is the art-making process itself and the opportunities it provides for exploration. My job as I see it is to facilitate a maximal immersion in the artistic process allowing participants to delve into their creative selves, explore their imagination and develop a deeper understandings of themselves and the other. My creative vision is “creating safe spaces where beauty is celebrated”.

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