Moon Mother - To have lost and discovered myself through Post Partum Depression
About The Session

The session will explore life-altering challenges I faced during and after post partum depression. It will be a reflection of the struggles that many women around us face. Some are silenced through denial or rejection while others do not find adequate support. While I will share my personal PPD difficulties, the session will also show the way forward through seeking support for healing/self-care and developing a bond with the child. I will invite questions, responses from the audience and open the floor for shares for a confidential and safe interaction.

About The Facilitator

Aneeta has been practicing as a mental health therapist since 2019 and has been working with a wide range of clients since. Her main areas of focus are childhood and family trauma, maternal mental health, abuse, anxiety and depression. Having gone through some life-changing experiences herself that brought her in this field, she is a committed advocate of healing modalities and believes in the individual’s power to heal and change.

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