MAN-IFEST- Masculine Embodiment Workshop
About The Session

Are you seeking a community of brave like-minded men where you can be seen for who you truly are without having to perform to be a “man”? Are you looking for a safe space to express grief, anger & pain without being judged for your masculinity? As men we have few tools to heal our wounds, to feel our feelings & to become integrated. Because we don’t access our complete range of emotions we often feel stuck, overwhelmed, and not seen. This workshop is space where we can somatically & emotionally explore the loaded notions of masculinity and share in deep trust.

About The Facilitator

Adnan has worn many hats but his desire for mental & emotional wellness has always been a driving force in his life. Known primarily as an actor & director he uses his platform to bring awareness to gender, masculinity & mental health.

Recently he has moved towards more 'intentional living' bringing in rich & varied experiences through ancient spiritual/transformational practices- meditation, body work, emotional release & breath work.

Adnan is part of conscious masculinity circles across the globe, has conducted workshops at KWF 21, Yoga Well & has assisted in transformational workshops in Europe.

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