Let Go & Heal
About The Session

We encounter several pleasant and unpleasant experiences. It’s easier to live in the good moments and let go of the painful ones so we carry these emotions within us. In this practice, Aqsa and Tooba will facilitate participants to identify and release difficult emotions through a meditative and reflective therapeutic process on forgiveness. The practice is curated with the aim to facilitate participants in letting go of what is hurtful, and to embrace self-compassion and peace within.

About The Facilitators

Aqsa Seth
Aqsa is a writer, a compassionate dreamer, and a believer in possibilities. She enjoyed a successful career working within the development sector before finding her true calling in human connection. She is a sociologist by education and currently works with clients in a therapeutic capacity. At the core of Aqsa’s therapeutic practice is the belief that humans are complete and their bodies are the containers that make each one of us unique. Her therapeutic practice is motivated by Jungian archetypes and she uses psychodynamic awareness to align the conscious with the unconscious.

Tooba Tahir
Tooba is an NLP Coach and Timeline therapist, an art educator with a specialization in teaching through meditation, and creative art. Tooba’s major strengths lie in teaching meditation, critical thinking, public speaking, and documentary-making. She envisions a future in which people are more self-aware, and actualize their full human potential with a holistic understanding of themselves. Currently, Tooba works as a Program Manager at Amal Academy.

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