The Joy of Giving
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Experience the joy of giving as you draw the perfect gift for a stranger.

About The Facilitator

Alizeh obtained her Master's in Clinical Psychology in 2016. With art and healing being her lifelong passions, she aims to help people find and cultivate their inner potential and inherent value. Alizeh is a strong advocate of normalizing discussions around mental health and started her social media page 'Soul Space' to have a platform where the importance of taking care of your mental health and benefits of therapy could be discussed. She strongly believes that it is equally important to focus on building what is strong, as we do on fixing what is wrong.

Syeda Sana Mehboob is a compassionate and dedicated clinical psychologist with extensive experience conducting one on one counselling, group sessions, and trainings for the last 5 years. She has actively conducted awareness workshops on mental health, addiction and interpersonal communication in different organizations and population. She believes that the journey to improving your mental health starts with a good fit between the client and the therapist. Hence, she strives to provide a non-judgmental space that promotes openness, fosters vulnerability, and facilitates growth.

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