Inculcating Self Love : Support Group for single Women
About The Session

Positive mindset and self-love'. This session will help you understand the importance “Self-Love” and will give you a new perspective to view yourself as a fully capable human being.
The first step to co-creating a better world is to love ourselves. We have all suffered one or the other way, yet we are all endowed with greatness & goodness. Learning self-love can be one of the greatest challenges we face as a human. It is up to each one of us to find greatness, hope & gratitude within ourselves and put these out into the world, with a force that can inevitably change almost everything. Let it be known that the greatest triumph in life is to learn the importance of Self-love.

About The Facilitator

Zainab Mehboob is an NLP master coach and an IB-Certified facilitator. She holds a master’s degree in Design Marketing and merchandising, certification in digital designing, and Certification in “how to teach online: providing continuity for students”. She has been working as an educator, academic trainer, mentor, and wellness coach, also associated with the creative filed for almost a decade.
She believes every individual is unique and deserves to be loved for being their true self. She aims to create a difference in society by helping people understand the true worth of life, and that the only barrier between us and success is our mindset. The sooner we change our mindset and the direction of our thoughts, the faster we can break our limiting beliefs and unlock the doors to ultimate success.

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