Got a Gut Feeling? An Intuitive Listening Circle
About The Session

Tap into your own inner wisdom. Our body holds within it, deep wisdom and intelligence far beyond the “thinking” mind. It speaks to us and has its own intuitive guidance system. Join me for a guided meditation to connect to our Felt Sense – our inner knowing and intuition followed by a sharing circle on how your body spoke to you!

About The Facilitator

I’m a mental health counsellor, yoga teacher (RYT200), and a forever student. I have a holistic approach to wellbeing and trust in each person’s innate drive to self-actualization. As a yoga teacher I encourage my students to ‘live-out’ the practice into their daily lives. I draw upon several modalities, infused in a dynamic style, linking breathe and movement to help my students find stillness and wholeness. Drawing upon my own personal journey, I want my classes to be a safe space where my students can reconnect to their authentic selves.

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