From the Sole to the Soul: Reflexology and Sadhu Nail Boards
About The Session

Sadhu Nails is dedicated to bringing the next best alternatives to conventional medicine. Our feet can do wonders, in fact, they are responsible for carrying us around all day and bearing hundreds of pounds of stress. The right footwear, the use of Sadhu Nails board with reflexology (foot massage), and daily movement can bring wonders to human health. As they say, the first principle towards a better life is a healthy mind & body. Anyone other than kids (under 15 year olds) can attend.

About The Facilitator

Husain Anas, is a certified reflexologist and the founder of @sadhunailspakistan . Being in the bodyworks therapy industry for the last two years, Husain has been an active voice for the need of mental health awareness for our society. The first of his field in his country, the thai-style reflexologist uses a mixture of foot reflexology and nail board therapy.

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