Flex With Me - Hatha yoga for persons with diverse needs and their caregivers
About The Session

It will be a 45-minute hatha yoga session for persons with diverse needs and abilities (of all ages) and their caregivers/ parents/ siblings. An introductory session, we will introduce breathing exercises, undertake some asana practice with modified and adaptive poses, where caregivers will be taught how to support children should they wish to practise at home. A deep meditation exercise at the end will tie it all together.

About The Facilitator

Nehel Lali is a development professional with extensive experience in the healthcare sector, both nationally and internationally. Ms. Lali obtained her Bachelor’s in Sociology & Anthropology from Ohio Wesleyan University, and her Master's from SOAS, University of London. After several years practising yoga with her younger brother, who has autism and down syndrome, she sought to get certified and embarked on a mission to offer all persons with diverse needs and abilities the opportunity to Flex their Abilities!

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