First voice, first teacher: the importance of parent's voice in children's linguistic development
About The Session

The audience will understand how the tone and rhythm used by parents helps babies attach meaning to the babbling sounds. The speaker will share specific strategies to make the most of the criticial period which lasts from birth till 5 years of age for language development. This session will help the participants understand the concept of neuroplasticity and Motherese. The session is specifically designed for parents, teachers, therapists and people who want to gain knowledge about the process of language acquisition in babies and toddlers.

About The Facilitator

Saamia Bilal Khan is a Pediatric Speech-Language Therapist who completed her professional degree program from Ziauddin University in 2011, along with 720 hours of certified clinical training. She believes in caregivers being proactive partners in helping children acquire language skills. For the past 12 years, Saamia has been training parents, caregivers and teachers on using evidence based techniques to stimulate language and managing delays efficiently. She has also been spreading awareness about neuroplasticity and cognitive functions involved in language development.

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