De-armouring for couples & friends
About The Session

De-Armouring is the process of removing the protective shielding we create which are a result of blockages created by trauma, negative thought-patterns & conditioning. While this protection creates safety, it also hinders life-force from flowing freely throughout the body - ultimately hardening & desensitizing parts. If the body is “the sum of our experiences" then de-armouring is the process of triggering, facing & releasing those experiences in a safe & loving container. Note- this is an advanced session for couples/ pairs with a prior bodywork practice. Pre-registration is required for this session.

About The Facilitator

Adnan has worn many hats but his desire for mental & emotional wellness has always been a driving force in his life. Known primarily as an actor & director he uses his platform to bring awareness to gender, masculinity & mental health.

Recently he has moved towards more "intentional living" bringing in rich & varied experiences through ancient spiritual/transformational practices- meditation, body work, emotional release & breath work.

Adnan is part of conscious masculinity circles across the globe, has conducted workshops at KWF 21, Yoga Well & has assisted in transformational workshops in Europe."

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