Clown Away Your Frown
About The Session

This is a beginner's step toward your inner clown, an invitation and celebration of silliness as a primal human faculty. Social conditioning stifles our raw playful side and putting on the clown is just the way to revive it. A connection with the fool inside us serves as a laughing counterbalance to anxieties and complexities of life. You will be guided to explore your innate silliness through various clown moves while reflecting how your inner clown can contribute to joy, self-love and happiness in your life. With a red-cherry clown nose on your face, get ready to embrace the clown in you!

About The Facilitator

Muneeb ur Rehman is an Applied Performance Practitioner employing “performance-for-all' for wellness, development, education, research, creativity and entertainment. He has facilitated actors, children, teachers, community builders, technologists, healers, writers and entrepreneurs in performance approaches. A regular presenter at forums like PTW in New York, SDEA in Singapore and PPLG in Greece and DfL in South Africa, his research on organic creative practices was recently published in the anthology 'Theatre and Democracy'. He dons a clowny nose for children at hospitals and events.

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