Circle of Life - Express your inner self (parent and child bonding through art)
About The Session

This is a 90 minute session for parents and children to learn hidden aspects about themselves and each other using art as expression. The session is open for all ages, and encouraged as a medium to nurture bonding and heal relationships with your loved ones.

About The Facilitator

Sana Faheem is a mental health professional encouraging positive self-expression and positive mental health for all. She is a CBT practitioner, and practices at a community clinic, Bawaqar Zindagi as a Psych-Rehabilitation Practitioner. She is trained in using art as a medium and conducts sessions for self-expression, managing emotions and stress, rerouting maladaptive reactions and self-exploration. She also conducts sessions for gentle parenting promoting it in a collectivistic culture. Sana is pursuing her MPhil in Psychology from University of Karachi.

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