Big Little Wins - for New and Expectant Parents
About The Session

This is a 90 minute session for mums and dads to step into the world of parenting with an open mind, a healthy body and a happy baby. This session is recommended for new and expecting parents, and provides a safe space to share wins and challenges, learn skills for gentle parenting and tips to care for your mind, body and baby in the rollercoaster of parenthood.

About The Facilitator

Sana Faheem is a mental health professional encouraging positive self-expression and positive mental health for all. She is a CBT practitioner, and practices at a community clinic, Bawaqar Zindagi as a Psych-Rehabilitation Practitioner. She is trained in using art as a medium for expressions and conducts sessions for self-expression, managing emotions and stress, rerouting maladaptive reactions and self-exploration. She also conducts groups sessions for gentle parenting and promoting it in a collectivistic culture. Sana is pursuing her MPhil in Psychology from University of Karachi.

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