Beyond the Body
About The Session

The goal of the workshop Beyond the Body is to familiarize the participants with the idea, awareness and impact of 1) body image issues and struggles, 2) healthy positive body image, 3) factors influencing body image and 4) building body acceptance.

About The Facilitators

Ayesha Mubashir
Ayesha is a qualified Humanistic Integrative Counselor from CPPD, Pakistan and works with young adults and adults in private practice. Ayesha also works with children through GrowAware- a platform created to conduct workshops and group sessions for young children on various topics.

Urwah Mehmood
Urwah is based in Karachi and is currently seeing clients online as well as in-person. She works with individual clients- adults and adolescents 16+. Her approach to counseling is integrative of person centered, TA and psychodynamic primarily. Recently she has been a part of an initiative called 'GrowAware' which is a step towards creating 'a community for young children' that aims at promoting their mental and emotional wellness.

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